Youth Dogs and Veteranday

Youth Dogs and Veterandag

12 May 2019

For who?
For young Miniature Bull Terriërs who reached the age of 4 months on the 12th of May, but aren't 2 years old. And for older dogs show reached the age of 8 years and older. The owners don't nead to be a member of the M.B.T.V. Are you the owner of a Miniature Bull Terriër in this ages, we invite you to join us on this day.

How it goes 
We invited 2 judges, 1 for the males and 1 for the females. These judges will judge the dogs per class (see categories). All the dogs will get a judge report. At the end of the day the Best Minor Puppy, Best Puppy, Best Youth Dog 9-12 months, Best Youth Dog 12-18 months, Best Youth Dog 18-24 months, Best Veteran 8-10 year, Best Veteran 10 years and older, Best Male and Female and at the end Best of the Day. 



Males Minor Puppy 4-6 months



Females Minor 4-6 months


Males Pups 6-9 months



Females Pups 6-9 months


Males Youth Dogs 9-12 months



Females Youth Dogs 9-12 months


Males Youth Dogs 12-18 months



Females Youth Dogs 12-18 months


Males Youth Dogs 18-24 months



Females Youth Dogs 18-24 months


Males Veteran 8-10 years



Females Veteran 8-10 years


Males Veteran 10 years and older



Females Veteran 10 years and older

Why competing
A Youth Dog day is a nice way to see how a judging goes on a showday and what the judge thinks of the exterior and the behavior of your dog. This all in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. On this day we taking in acount that it is the first time for most of the participants. So actually a day not to be missed!! A day full of young Miniature Bull Terriërs and there owners and the possibilty to meet there littermates of your dog and to speak with owners and breeders.

Do you have a dog at thome at the age of 8 years and older, enter these too. Also the dogs of the this who don't have the experience are welcome. Who nice is it to see the older dogs shine in the ring!! 

How to enter
Do you want to enter your dog? Go to the entryform Entryform The entry will close on the 29th of April 2019. When you enter your dog you will get a conformation e-mail. After the payment is done, the entry is definitive. You don't receive an e-mail after the payment, and the conformation e-mail is your entry. If there are any problems with your entry please send an e-mail to
Entry cost € 27,50 for members and
€ 32,50 for not members.

Who it goes on the day
If you entered you will be expected before 09.30 o'clock. The judging will start at 10.00 o'clock. When you arrive, go to the secretary and there you will get your entrynumber what you need to where in the ring. Pins are available for a fee by the secretariat. We start judging with the youngest dogs. The dogs who will be expected in the ring will be called for judging, but also keep an eye on this for yourself. It is possible that your dogs needs to wait a little bit before they will be judged, so in that case it's wise to take a bench with you so that your dogs can relax. 

Males - Roland Mielchen
Females – Birgitt Salewski -Mielchen

Manege de Groote Wielen
Laaghemaal 50
5247 NP Rosmalen

9:00 o'clock
Judging will start at 10.00 o'clock.